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All-in-one energy storage and power management device



SAVEBOX is a device for electrical energy storage (EES), which can also be used as a mobile battery supply. When charged up, SAVEBOX can be used to power electrical appliances in the same way as from the mains supply. SAVEBOX has inputs for charging directly from the mains, from the electric generator (power station), from photovoltaic panels, and it can also be charged with wind turbine power.
Common appliances can be connected to the outlet.
SAVEBOX devices are available with capacity from 6 kWh up to 200 kWh. SAVEBOX employs state-of-the-art LiFePO4 technology. Unlike classic Pb batteries, they offer many advantages including economic benefits.


High-capacity energy storage device for hybrid and off-grid systems


Some of our recent projects

  • Nepal

    SaveBox S delivers off-grid clean energy to people in Nepal who need it the most after devastating earthquake.

    - Nepal
  • Zero Bills House, UK

    Savebox HOME as part of Zero Bills House project from our UK partner ZEDfactory. During 2016 we are prepared to deliver hundred of these units. More at

    - Zero Bills House, UK
  • Automatic parking house, Ostrava

    Back-up power source for automatic parking house. Combination of photovoltaics and Saveboxes makes an independent island system.

    - Automatic parking house, Ostrava
  • Geographically isolated community, Peru

    Combination of photovoltaics and the Savebox M for geographically isolated community – non-existent power grid.

    - Geographically isolated community, Peru
  • Hospice, Lesotho

    Combination of photovoltaics and a back-up source = energy savings + back-up for an unstable grid. Supported by the Royal Family.

    - Hospice, Lesotho
  • Builders’ tool and equipment hire company, UK

    Replacement or supplement of power generators.

    - Builders’ tool and equipment hire company, UK
  • and many more
    • Equipment hire for social events (to replace or supplement power generators).
    • Bungalows in Sao Paulo (combination of photovoltaics and a generator – non-existent power grid).
    • Isolated communities (off-grid power supply).
    • Off-grid supply for homes on small islands (Greece, Caribbean, Virgin Islands).
    - and many more

From the blog

5 April

SaveBox S arrived in Nepal

SaveBox S arrived in Nepal

SaveBox S arrived in Nepal last week and is ready to deliver off-grid clean energy to people in need.

14 March

SaveBox HOME in Brno

SaveBox HOME in Brno

Everybody’s invited to the Conference Energetical Sustainability which takes place in Brno Fair 18. 3. (conference hall P3) More info here

6 March

Saveboxes on Ecobuild 2016 London

Saveboxes on Ecobuild 2016 London

You can see our Saveboxes as part of ZEDfactory’s project Zero Bills House. Please join us at the Ecobuild 2016 London – March 8th – 10th 2016

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